The California Association of College Stores is the premier regional association, we provide leadership, resources and services to support our member's* ability to prosper in a rapidly changing environment. 
                *We define our potential members as being anyone who is a provider of services, products or resources to the education community.

Most of the member stores are owned and operated by the institutions they serve; the remainder are privately owned or leased. Membership of the Association is comprised of store members and associate members (vendors). There are more than 98 store members. In addition, there are approximately 116 associate members who are vendors providing goods and services to the college store industry. 

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CACS Weekly News Digest 04/16/14

Voice for the customer: The impact of internal customer advocates | March 4, 2014 -Gary Edwards,Chief Customer Officer, Mindshare TechnologiesWhen was the last time you reviewed your privacy settings on your phone? A quick check will likely reveal a shocking number of apps that have access to your GPS location, contacts, photos and even microphone. You may remember granting some of those permissions, but you probably weren't aware of most of them. More>>>

- . Ranging from roughly 18 to 30 years old, Millennials are generally optimistic about their futures, but they're also approaching the age where they start to become nostalgic. Digital technology has been an integral factor for the majority of their lives, More>>>

Six ways retailers can increase their conversion rates |  March 3, 2014 - Bob Phibbs | While many retailers ask how to attract more customers, the better question is how to increase your retail conversion rate.
Why? More>>>




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